DIY Chair Covers

DIY Chair Covers DIY Projects This is also the Tutorial Website no longer exists. Have made Dining Room chair covers, so I do not have to dust them often, only use the Dining Room about 10 times a year. Shame on me for being lazy.

Dining chair slip cover. Love the button and trim detail.

brief tutorial for making dining chair slipcovers with instructions for measuring.nice button and trim detail

Tutorial:  Henriksdal Dining Chair Slipcover OHMIGOODNESS! I have been trying to do this very thing! I am so glad I found this pattern! We have these chairs and the covers we have now are, um, just stained and worn (I did NOT say destroyed!) I could even leave off the skirt and add the velcro tabs. I am so relieved to have this pattern!

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing! DIY Slipcover Henriksdal Parsons Dining Chairs DIY Chair Slipcovers DIY Home DIY Furniture

Stool Cover could use same concept for table cover, chair, etc

Stool Cover - easy to see and fittings can be adjusted! could use same concept for table cover, chair, etc

What a great quilted slip cover for a couch! I could make that...

Quilted Microfiber Total Furniture Cover with Ties

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