Sebastião Rodrigues , Portugal - Vintage travel beach poster - www.it/en the olive oil cosmetics from the riviera .


'No rain in Portugal but tourists pour in,' Nuno Costa, 1954 Portugal . Vintage travel beach poster www.

Travel poster for Lisbon Portugal showing one of the famous yellow funiculars. Michael Crampton Illustration.

Art create a mixed media advertisement for Chicago: Vintage poster Michael Crampton Illustration.

Vintage Travel Poster - Portugal.

Vintage travel illustration of Portugal by Maurice Laban. His use of color in a way similar to screenprinting, imperfect symmetry and folk costumes as well as cultural object and landscape references for each country are just gorgeous.

Portuguese travel posters by Rui Ricardo

PORTUGAL - Braga by Rui Ricardo. His posters are vintage inspired and showcase some of Portugal’s icons-vintage Lisboa tram, narrow buildings of Porto and Arco da porta nova in BRAGA

I like the little hipster flair with the type and adding solid graphics    Can you speak Portuguese-ish

Nandos - Can you speak Portuguese-ish

So do you speak Portugues-ish? South African design agency Radio created the illustrations for Nando’s international campaign book. The book features a map of Portugal and other cool prominent cities.

Don Quixote _____________________________ Visitez le Portugal

Oskar Pinto Lobo Illustration - From a series of posters to promote travel in Portugal issued by the National Tourist Office. - From Graphis Annual

Caldas da Rainha Portugal, 1957 - original vintage poster by Tom listed on AntikBar.co.uk

Caldas da Rainha Portugal, 1957 - original vintage poster by Tom listed on…