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Carnivora - Wikipedia

Carnivora - A carnivore meaning meat eater is an organism that derives its energy and nutrient requirements from a diet consist of animal tissues

Primate - Wikipedia

Order: Primates: contains prosimians and simians; arose from ancestors that lived in the trees of tropical forests

Cnidaria - Wikipedia

meta-apathy: The developmental stages of scyphozoan jellyfish’s life cycle In: “Das Meer”. Verlag und Druck A.

Cnidaria - Wikipedia

Firing sequence of the cnida in a hydra's Operculum (lid) "Finger" that turns inside out / / / Barbs Venom Victim's skin Victim's tissues

Multicellular organism - Wikipedia

There are a wide range of plant/animal multicellular organisms in existence. Multicellular organisms are more complex, with various types of specialized cells for different functions.

Origin and early diversification of the phylum Cnidaria Verrill: major developments in the analysis of the taxon's Proterozoic–Cambrian history - Van Iten - 2014 - Palaeontology - Wiley Online Library

Diploblastic eumetazoans of the phylum Cnidaria originated during the Neoproterozoic Era, possibly during the Cryogenian Period. The oldest known fossil cnidarians occur in strata of Ediacaran age and.

The struggle to understand the Hobbit | Cosmos

The discovery of Homo floresiensis in 2003 threw up many questions about the history of our own species. More than a decade later, they remain