Dancing Like a Rapa Nui #TravelStories #EasterIsland #RapaNui

Dancing Like a Rapa Nui

Was I really in Brazil?

Was I really in Brazil?

Who is Worldwide Macató?

My travel motivation came from several factors: travel inspiration, peak oil theory, tired of a meaningless job or just a midlife crisis.

Four Seconds For Takeoff

I joined a big group of adventurers that went out into the Namibian desert to Sandboard where the sand dunes were higher than I expected.

Lost in Translation

I was finishing my Salar de Uyuni tour through the beautiful Bolivian deserts. My next stop was San Pedro de Atacama

Some You Win, Some You Lose

Puerto Iguazú is a small Argentinian town known for its amazing waterfalls. A small town means a small airport with not that many available services.

Empathy With the People of Christchurch

I admit I wasn't really enthusiastic about going to Christchurch. New Zealand for me wasn't about the cities.

Mother Elephant, Baby Elephant #TravelStories #Serengeti #Safari

Mother Elephant, Baby Elephant #TravelStories #Serengeti #Safari

The Wayna Picchu Challenge #TravelStories #MachuPicchu #WaynaPicchu

The Wayna Picchu Challenge

Everyone Has Their Own Story #TravelStories #PeruvianAltiplano #Peru

The group was looking at Incan ruins at the Peruvian Altiplano, between Cuzco and Puno.

Helping 12 Kids #TravelStories #Cambodia #AngkorWat

A picturesque Tuk Tuk ride took us to a little village just outside Siem Riep.

Sharing a Taxi With Four Strangers #TravelStories #Cotopaxi #Ecuador

Sharing a Taxi With Four Strangers