These “mammatus clouds” were photographed above Hastings, Nebraska, after a destructive thunderstorm in May 2005. Although their formation is not completely understood, these rare clouds usually develop at the base of a thunderstorm, and appear lumpy because of instabilities and temperature differences between sinking and rising air.

One of the rarest weather phenomena, Mammatus Clouds. Photo taken by John C. Olsen in Hastings, NE.So awesome

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Frozen Waterfall at Piedra River Trail, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA it looks like a great place to Try ice climbing

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A toad stool being used as . a toad stool. lol how is that "toadstool" holding the toad up?

Nancy Wilde

Watching GIFs Of Mushrooms Grow Is Outrageously Entertaining - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

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"volcano, seen from space" actually a digital wallpaper, perhaps created by HolyMan. The Earth does not appear this big when seen fro the moon, nor can you see giant sparks the size of asteroids shooting from most volcanoes.

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Weinheim, Germany --- Wisteria sinensis in full bloom over long stone path --- Image by Jerry Harpur © Harpur Garden Library/Corbis

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She often wondered if it was the darkness that pulled her into these places.or the places that pulled her into the darkness.