i want them all.///Bobbie Brooks 1965

'Be Bobbie Brooks all over. Pull on the new pastel stockings turned out to look the image of Bobbie Brooks looks. Pattern for pattern carbons adding up to a top to total Bobbie Brooks you.

theswingingsixties:    Serious sixties hair.

Doreen does the flip. The "flip," "teased" or "ratted" on top to achieve extraordinary height, was the definitive hairstyle of the early to mid is a POUFF!

Nancy Wilde

forties-fifties-sixties-love: “ I decided to colorize this photo of Pattie Boyd. ” Photos by Barry Lategan for the 16 Magazine series, Pattie Boyd’s Beauty Box,

Lily Donaldson in i-D March 2007 by Alasdair McLellan

meiselmuse: “ Lily Donaldson/ i-D Magazine March 2007 ”Only boring people get bored” Photographed by Alasdair McLellan ”

Pictures: Actresses wearing beret (3)

Catherine Deneuve & beret Statement eyes with muted lips and cheek contouring

Nancy Wilde

Anna Karina was a popular Danish model/actress living in Paris in the You might know her from French films such as A Woman is.

hollyhocksandtulips:    Astrid Schulz, 1964

The Nancy Wilde Experience - hollyhocksandtulips: Astrid Schulz, 1964