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We just finished the most amazing project for our design heroes, Pencil and Paper Co - and we couldn't wait to share the product we used to make this space happen! One of our favorite multi-purpose pieces of product is the Expand-A-Shelf that we u

When it comes to pantry organization, it’s out with the old and in with the new with these tips from @apttherapy guaranteed to tidy up your space. Start by tossing out any snacks that are passed their prime. Then, keep all your favorite goodies in their places and within reach by storing them in airtight, labeled containers or wire mesh baskets. Extra points for allowing only one row of jars on each shelf.

Pantry Organization For A Healthy New Year

Organization Orgasms: 21 Well-Designed Pantries You'd Love to Have in Your Kitchen Apartment Therapy

-tudo bem arrumado Sugestões para arrumar, organizar o espaço com muito charme e praticidade. E além disso fáceis de fazer. [...]

Few things do I love more than drawer organization. 57 Practical Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas - great ideas here for large and smaller drawers

How to Design the Pantry of Your Dreams - Apartment34

How to Design the Pantry of Your Dreams

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We're sharing our tips and tricks for a livable yet organized pantry over on MH. And for those of you asking these striped baskets are from superstore!