Pilates & Stretching

The Benefits of Pilates and Pilates Wear: Pilates is known to have multi-faceted benefits for the body when practiced regularly. It is a body conditioning routine which helps to build strength and endurance, whilst promoting flexibility and coordination in the legs, abdominals, arms and back; helping millions of men and women around the globe to keep their body in great, healthy shape.
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Pilates and Stretching AW 15

Wellicious offer a fantastic range of womens yoga clothing in a variety of colours and sizes, ensuring style and flexibility for your yoga or pilates session.

Crossing Bra - Caviar Black/Nude

We have a new addition to our bra assortment, and this time it's the highly comfortable Crossing Bra. Seam-free and worry-free. These straps will never slip!

Everyday Tank with Om Print - Grey Melange

A statement t-shirt all Yogi's can relate to! Our Everyday Tank with OM Print can be worn at all times.

Power Top with Print - Caviar Black/Black and White Print/Deep Lilac

Enhancing your natural curves and boosting you confidence is what our Power Top was made for!

Urban T-Shirt with Face Print - Grey Melange

A vibrant print on a Grey Melange background. Our Urban T-Shirt with Face Print is flexible enough to do yoga in and cool enough during the day.

Urban T-Shirt with Om Print - Grey Melange

Combining your modern personality with the ancient Yoga idea of inner peace. The Urban T-Shirt with Om Print is a statement look for all Yogi's.

Soft Bra - Nude

For a low impact workout or cosying up on the sofa. Our Soft Bra is super comfy and is definitely a fave here!

Power Bra - Caviar Black

For the sake of your comfort during your more challenging workouts: the new Power Bra. In all Caviar Black or Black and White Print.

Swing Tank - Tomato/Deep Lilac

This Tomato/Bright Berry Swing Tank will brighten up those rainy autumn days for sure!

Control Top -  Diamond White

Our Control Top brings great coverage and support to make sure you can do your workout in confidence.

Groove Top - Cloud Print Blue/Deep Night Blue

Our Groove Top will let you float through your Asana's with confidence as the high neckline of the top will keep you covered all throughout your class.