Soft Bra - Nude

For a low impact workout or cosying up on the sofa. Our Soft Bra is super comfy and is definitely a fave here!

Best Vest - Diamond White

The Best Vest is a timeless staple and features a comfortable inside bra.

Catsuit - Caviar Black/Nude

For those who like to feel sexy during a workout, like to make a statement, or for those who just like practicality. Our seamless Catsuit is available in Caviar Black/Nude and Deep Lilac/Morning Coffee.

Nicer Tank - Deep Lilac

A Wellicious collection without a new Nicer Tank is unthinkable, and so we added new colours this season as well!

Control Bra - Diamond White

Our Control Bra is one addition you should make to your wardrobe if great support is what you're looking for!

Classic Pants - Deep Night Blue

Classic Pants - Deep Night Blue