Valley of the Kings

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What a time in History this was. I'm glad I did not live then, the cruelness was too much for me.

Vicki Reardon
Ancient egypt modern society essays Free ancient egyptian papers, essays, and research papers. Egypt was equipped with all the amenities of a modern society including people who married. Egyptian Mythology, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient History, Egyptian Things, Egyptian Crafts, Egyptian Symbols, Bastet, Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, Cultures Du Monde

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The extent to which the ancient history of Egypt was recorded by their artists is remarkable. Ancient Egyptian art displays a vivid representation of the Egyptian's lifestyle Egyptian Mythology, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Tattoo Avant Bras, Kemet Egypt, Empire Romain, Kairo, Egypt Art


Osiris (Greek language, also Usiris; the Egyptian language name is variously transliterated Asar, Aser, Ausar, Wesir, or Ausare) is the Egyptian god of life, death, and fertility. At the height of the ancient Nile civilization, Osiris was regarded as the primary deity of a henotheism. Osiris was...

mini-girlz: “Gold Egyptian Goddess Pendant Representing the Goddess Isis-This pendant represents the goddess Isis in her human form. Above her head can be seen cow’s horns and a sun-disc–symbols typically associated with the goddess Hathor; Collier Antique, Egypt Museum, Cairo Museum, Egypt Jewelry, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Egyptian Symbols, Isis Goddess, Egyptian Goddess, Egyptian Mythology

grandegyptianmuseum: Pendant of Isis This...

grandegyptianmuseum: “ Pendant of Isis This pendant represents the goddess Isis in her human form. Above her head can be seen cow’s horns and a sun-disc symbols typically associated with the goddess...

An Exhibition of Antiquities from the Egyptian Museum, Cairo At the Great Hall of Ramses II Expo 86 Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Art Antique, Antique Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Gold Bracelets, Crystal Jewelry, Jewelry Art, Ramses, Cairo Museum, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

The Great Pharaoh Ramses and His Time: EXPO 86

An Exhibition of Antiquities from the Egyptian Museum, Cairo At the Great Hall of Ramses II Expo 86 Vancouver British Columbia, Canada...

Bracelets of Queen Hetepheres I Some of the earliest silver objects unearthed in Egypt are this rare pair of silver bracelets, belong to Queen Hetepheres I, inlaid with semi-precious stones in the form of a butterfly. Made of silver, turquoise,. Egypt Jewelry, Jewelry Case, Egypt Museum, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Long Pearl Necklaces, Ancient Artifacts, Silver Bracelets, Silver Ring, Fossil

Two bracelets excavated from the tomb of of Queen Hetepheres I wife of Pharaoh Sneferu and the mother of Khufu, 4th dynasty, discovered near the satellite pyramids of the Great Pyramid of Giza in shaft G7000X of a pit tomb

*EGYPT ~ Necklace with lunar pectoral, from the Tomb of Tutankhamun, (electrum,feldspar,lapis lazuli and gold beads). Ancient Egyptian Artifacts, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Egyptian Symbols, Egypt Jewelry, Viking Jewelry, Egypt Museum, Electrum, South Indian Jewellery, Jewelry Making Supplies

Necklace with Lunar Pectoral Made out of electrum,...

Necklace with Lunar PectoralMade out of electrum, feldspar, lapis lazuli and gold beads. From the Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62), Valley of the Kings, West Thebes. Now in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. JE...

Scarab in Egypt ~ Necklace of Tutankhamun, dynasty, New Kingdom. Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Egyptian Kings, Egypt Jewelry, Jewelry Art, Silver Jewelry, Art Ancien, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient History

Remembering The Treasures of Tutankhamun

The mysterious Egyptian king Tutankhamun is back in the news this week as the archive of Howard Carter goes on line thanks to the work of Oxford University archaeologist Jaromir Malek. Howard Carter spent years documenting the thousands of artefacts from the tomb he uncovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. At the…

A facial reconstruction of Nefret-Mut near the time of her near (est. late early by forensic artist, Victoria Lywood. Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Egyptian Mummies, Egyptian Art, Egypt Makeup, Forensic Facial Reconstruction, Forensic Artist, Old Faces

Researchers uncover real name of Egyptian mummy 'Justine' | CBC News

Researchers have uncovered the real name of a mysterious Egyptian mummy nicknamed "Justine."

Falcon collar of Princess Neferuptah. Made of gold, carnelian & feldspar. Dated from the dynasty of Egypt, reign of Amenemhat III, B. (The Egyptian Museum, Cairo) Egypt Jewelry, Women's Jewelry, Egypt Museum, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Art Antique, Long Pearl Necklaces, Ancient Civilizations, Egyptians, Ancient Artifacts

The First Egyptian Glass, Frit and Faience - Travel To Eat

Ancient Egypt was very much a part of Africa's Neolithic period. Their word for luck was "sha" and "sha sha" meant bead. Egyptians used beads to cover

Earring (One of a Pair) Period: Three Kingdoms period B. Date: Silla Kingdom, century Culture: Korea Medium: Gold Renaissance Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Jewelry Accessories, Jewelry Design, Jewlery, Korean Jewelry

Earring (One of a Pair) | Korea | Three Kingdoms period (57 B.C.–A.D. 668) | The Met

The beauty and sophisticated craftsmanship of these gold earrings—and of the personal adornments found in the tombs of the Silla and Gaya elite generally—attest to the esteem conferred upon them by both patron and artisan