Sao Miguel Island-Azores

Lagoa do Fogo (Lagoon of Fire) is a crater lake within the Água de Pau Massif strato volcano in the center of the island of São Miguel in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. The governmental authorities do not allow any modern construction around th


Great Modern Artists Alphabet

Get kids to design a modern artists alphabet poster of their own- another idea is their own A-Z of contemporary art (pinched the later idea from art history presenter Andrew Frost). Could use this idea for PC artists, too.


I just died! My favorite flowers in huge quantities! Road through Sunflowers, Alentejo, Portugal

Pueblo de España. Calle del Hospitalillo. Trujillo, provincia de Caceres

so very beautiful - Calle del Hospitalillo, Trujillo, Cáceres, España.

alentejo, portugal

Come to explore the Alentejo and see how beautiful are the countryside colors in Spring time!