Sin Lucros BFA Exhibition Invitation << cool fold, no die cut required! (based on "explosion book" fold) Could create a brochure of the best items for sale for people to pick up as they go in or out of the exhibition.

Seria interessante explorar a mudança dos sentidos de leitura para prender ainda mais a atenção da criança que está a ler. Assim a atividade de leitura torna-se numa aventura divertida e dinâmica.

I need to start experimenting with folding technique's like this. Could turn an inexpensive piece into something super unique.

Cartão 3D para o Dia do Pai - caixa de ferramentas - Genial!... Texto com estrutura das folhas para imprimir em: Tutorial em: 3D Tool Box Card for Father's Day - Mr Printables

If you're looking for free printable Father's Day cards, you've found the perfect tutorial! Make the Tool Box Father's Day Card. This awesome homemade Father's Day card is a marvelous paper craft idea to celebrate dad.

Meteorito: Wine from Space by Sylvain Drolet packaging branding on Behance curated by Packaging Diva PD. Fictive re-brand made for Meteorito wine.

The divide of each page with different color representing each space allow our eyes to focus on the essential of the page; ironically the content contains elements of outer space

35+ Examples of Beautiful & Creative Signage | From up North

Beautiful signage

Wayfinding signage - like the use of physical negative space in the signs - from JHU Charles Commons - Ashton Design Environmental Graphic