Voici le sens figuré de l'expression "quartier de lune". Réalisme foudroyant et mélange de couleurs froides et chaudes intéressant.

"Lunar Fruit" Art Print by J. Taking something and making it something else is fascinating, taking the moon which inherently has a dull color scheme and slicing it open to reveal the vibrant colors of fruit is an interesting contrast.


Human Creation Collage Have students draw their hand then draw a city in 2 PP in their hand! collage may be added for surrealism

Paleta escritório

I liked the idea its good way to use colours and clouds is a god way to use it. All the colours are symbols of happines and so as the sky and clouds. I liked the contrast too.


ival - ID : Be SpectACTive! is a European project based on audience development, involving some of the most innovative European organizations working on active spectatorship in contemporary performing arts.

Paul Fuentes | Junk Food

Paul Fuentes is a Mexican graphic designer with the mission to make people happy by producing images of common food, animals and objects with a twist.

Various Illustrations @ 2017 by Mateusz Lengling

Various Illustrations @ 2017 by Mateusz Lengling

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Retratos e dupla exposição

Double Exposure Portraits by Antonio Mora Spanish artist Antonio Mora does women and men’s portraits in double exposure of natural elements& waves, moutains’ landscapes or animals and plants come juxtaposing on the models’ faces.

Combinophy Series – Fubiz Media

Combinophy Series

Combinophy Series by Cristiana Costin Combinophy is a photography series made by Romanian graphic designer Cristiana Costin. After having captured daily life scenes, she combines her analog.