[1990] Walkman Digital

Sony Walkman, I had this model! The autoreverse was for me like the future!

Avenida de Roma - 1950

Avenida de Roma - 1950

Torre de Belém, 1927

Belem's tour with a Junker hydroplane - picture from Mário Novais, 1927

Ainda sou do tempo: ... da Moeda de 50 Centavos

Ainda sou do tempo: ... da Moeda de 50 Centavos

MADE IN PORTUGAL: Água de Colónia Lavanda

Lavender Cologne - Ach Brito's Lavender cologne has perfumed the Portuguese people through the generations. With an incredibly exciting and fresh scent of lavender, this absolute classic fragrance Portuguese captivated both women and men

Topogigio .... he was on The Ed Sullivan Show when I was a kid. I remember hearing him say to ES...... "Eddie...... kiss me goodnight" Great memories!!!

Topo Gigio on Ed Sullivan. Eddie, kiss me goodnight!

Ainda sou do tempo: ... do Espaço 1999. No faz-de-conta, eu era sempre a Maya.

... do Espaço 1999

Space 1999 was another cult Sci-Fi TV show of the I had a Dinky toy Eagle Transporter - seen here. I also recall going to see a Space 1999 exhibition at Debenhams department store.