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Illustrator Spotlight: Lan Truong

A selection of work by illustrator Lan Truong from Portland, Oregon.

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Reformed fandom blog now just here for inspiration. I blog about music from various decades, fashion/supermodels,...

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A History of Secret Societies $1.00 fair paperback

Mitakuye Oyasin

☆LINKS☆ Chase ☆ (They/Them) 23. Oglala Lakota/white.☆A big fan of a lot of things, including but not limited to Sociology, queer stuff, the environment, fanfiction and dogs. An indigenous scholar of sociology, environmentalism and queer...

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"A Choice of Gods" Cover by Mike Hinge, 1972

A great psychedelic robot from the future. From Comicon: "The New Zealand-born artist made Manhattan his home in 1966 and was a part of the science fiction and comics scene for the next few decades. He produced covers and interiors for numerous SF magazines and for mainstream venues, including several TIME covers. In the early 1970s, SUPERGRAPHICS published a collection of his techno-oriented work titled "The Mike Hinge Experience". Mr. Hinge's super-detailed and elaborate art style predated…

Lucy by Marijke Koger

Jessie HoolaHoops McGee

Hoopdance Teacher, Jewelry Designer, Empath, Energy Channel, Healer and Ascension Mentor in NYC. Really feeling the #pink #aesthetic lately. I post and reblog art, animation, music, hooping, dance,...

Cover art for Bob Shaw’s book One Million Tomorrows by Leo and Diane Dillon, 1970

70s Sci-Fi Art

Cover art for Bob Shaw’s book One Million Tomorrows by Leo and Diane Dillon, 1970

Nine Hundred Grandmothers (paperback 1970), cover art by Leo and Diane Dillon

Nine Hundred Grandmothers

cover art by Leo and Diane Dillon. One of my favourite books ever - I finally found a copy in Katoomba. The cover art has little or no connection to the contents but I still like it. Ace Books, 1970

The psychedelic artwork of Gene Szafran

Robert Heinlein Covers by Gene Szafran

The years listed are the years the books were first published, not the years these editions came out. I do not currently have that information. But the artwork is beautiful no matter when it came…

The Palace of Eternity Rate it 8/10

Publication: The Palace of Eternity

The Palace of Eternity Rate it 8/10

Mod •~• A Dandy In Aspic: The Fool, The Beatles, and the Story of Apple Boutique

The Fool, The Beatles and the Story of Apple Boutique

The Fool were a Dutch art/design/music collective who had a tremendous impact on London psychedelic scene between 1967 and 1968. Although mostly known for their work with The Beatles, they also designed stage clothes and album covers for Cream, The Move and Incredible String Band. They also designed clothes and interiors for various films and theatre performances and they even recorded an album. The Beatles were such fans of their work, that they left them in charge of their Apple Boutique…