Marilyn Monroe with a Russian Blue. This picture makes me smile. That kitty looks just like my kitty Barbie. ( =

Are You A Crazy Cat Lady?

Marilyn Monroe with a Russian Blue. This picture makes me smile because the cat in the photo looks like they could be my cat's ancestor. I wonder how many cat generations back that is?

Kate Moss is amazing ◊

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el pelo ondulado al lado como las antiguas estrellas de hollywood es muy elegante y una linda opcion para el dia del matrimonio

Old Hollywood Glamour Hairstyle DIY : wedding hair 02159 JessicaAlba Campari

18 Rarely Seen Shots of Johnny Depp's Style @FashionGrunge Blog Blog Blog

This slideshow features photos of a young, hot Johnny Depp. These photos of Johnny Depp when he was young depict a talented, sexy, actor on the brink of being one o.

Kate Moss

This is Top Kate Moss Styles that you can actually steal right now. A style is something which changes with time. Claudia’s style has an expert appearance, nut still simple to style. This sty…

What makes you beautiful inside and out?

Which Of The 20 Types Of Beauty Do You Have?

Kate Moss, the worlwide known fashion model, with her signature long blonde hair

katemossisboss: Kate Moss by Mario Sorrenti for Liu.Jo S/S 2012