The one rule…

Funny pictures about The one rule. Oh, and cool pics about The one rule. Also, The one rule.

Obrigada Linus ...

Thank you, Linus (How I Met Your Mother-inspired), original digital watercolor poster, printable, digital. I would love this lol

How I Met Your Mother

My favourite thing about HIMYM are the inside jokes. The ones only a true fan would understand, the blue french horn, the yellow umbrella, the ducky tie!


This is why Victoria was awesome.

Family Guy #stewie

Well that was honest (19 photos)

well,i’d love to stay & chat,but you’re a total bitch

I love love love R! Super HOT, well in the end at least. While he's a corpse, I suppose he's a pretty good lookin one considering. ;)

I really enjoyed Warm Bodies, and it was filmed in Canada, and the male lead was the child from About a Boy, one of my favourite movies (I'm a sucker for a good story, don't care what genre).

Life lessons from HIMYM

Life lessons from HIMYM

Funny pictures about Life Lessons from How I Met Your Mother. Oh, and cool pics about Life Lessons from How I Met Your Mother. Also, Life Lessons from How I Met Your Mother.

The Lake House movie house

The 2006 movie 'The Lake House' - Modern Steel on Stilts was constructed for the movie then was dismantled when filming was complete because local laws don't allow dwellings on this undeveloped portion of the lake.

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"Robin, just - I appreciate your help, but there's a reason your name is Robin, not Batman." -Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother