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Beautiful snow falling More

We Know How You Feel About Winter Based On These 5 Questions


˚Alone with the beautiful autumn Forrest and my God who made it all.

Сказочный лес

(Wood shaping and woodsinging) Rainforest undergrowth. Tangled lianas (woody vines) covered in moss. Lianas use trees for vertical support in order to reach the top of the canopy and other well-lit areas of the rainforest. Photographed near Iquitos, Peru.

Seljalandsfoss Falls, Iceland.

Waterfall Bridge, Seljalandsfoss Falls, Iceland photo via taylor! I would love to visit here!

~``WINTER sun up``~

My next Christmas will be like this! Instant of Light, By Maxime Courty As the sun rises through the clouds, the first morning rays illuminate the snowy landscape of the Forez mounts, France.