Retratos del mundo

This little girl is a secret weapon.she melts hearts with those baby browns and a smile

O reflexo do caos.. Morador de rua.

Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description Portrait of a homeless man ~ Look at the depth of emotion in his eyes.

Busca. Lo mas vital no mas, lo que has precisar no mas, pues nunca del trabajo hay que abusar, si buscas lo mas esencial sin nada mas ambicionar, Mamá naturaleza te lo da!!

Pictures of beautiful people all ages all around the world and countries. I love love love LOVE the emotion behind this child face! We could all use a little more joy in our lives.

Vocabulario - sustantivo 3, rostro: Cara de las personas

50 Smokin' Hot Long Curly Hairstyles


Chantelle Winnie: a model in demand – in pictures

“Diversity is the future of fashion” -Chantelle Winnie, model with a skin condition called vitiligo


Three Korean Models You Need To Know –

Face of Confidence by Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury supported by Airbnb

Every year on the day of Makar Sankranti (Mid of January), hundreds of thousands of Hindu pilgrims gather to take a holy dip at the confluence of river Ganges and Bay of Bengal at Sagar island.

"God, what did they do to you?" She whispered. Her eyes were blue; too blue like a shock of sky when it should be raining.  "Lots of things." "God." "Yeah." "Who..who did it, Xander?" She looked at him as if every bit of her face was about to crumble to dust. Broken. Impulsively he traced the gash under his jaw, swallowing so hard is adam's apple bobbed up and down.  "Someone I'd like to forget."

Drawings on Photographs by Alana Dee Haynes

The artist Alana Dee Haynes enjoys taking photos from fashion shootings or portraits, often in black and white, to draw patterns on models’ skins, clothes

Daphne Selfe. A beautiful British model.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Grey Pride

83 year old model Daphne Selfe, "I’ve never had anything done to my face,” she told the Daily Mail. 'Not that poison, not a face-lift. I think it’s a waste of money." She's beautiful as is. GOOD EXAMPLE TO ALL DAPHNE!