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15 Ideas to Make Halloween Easy, Delicious, and Fun

Simple idea for Halloween 'Mummy' Jars - old jars, covered in medical gauze/bandages with googly eyes. from Daily Savings (",)

Mandarin Pumpkins | 5 Easy Halloween Food Ideas

Food Design: 5 Easy Halloween Food Ideas

5 easy Halloween food ideas using things you already have - bananas (boo-nanas!), mandarin pumpkins, ghost eggs, cupcake spiders and Tim Tam tombstones!

Easy and Fun DIY Halloween Decor Ideas For The Home

16+ Easy But Awesome Homemade Halloween Decorations (With Photo Tutorials)

Quadro de natal

Tumblr Inspired DIY Christmas

DIY Glitter Deer Head -- I loved this craft it turned out so cute and was super easy! The hardest part was cutting out and tracing the deer head