Alcáçovas - Fritos de Natal

Alentejo Guloso - my Mama used to make these using an iron she heated in hot oil.light like food for angels.

Pudim Abade de Priscos, Braga, Portugal

Pudim Abade de Priscos My love for Portuguese sweets keeps on growing at the first sight of an eggy recipe.

Arroz Doce - Arroz con Leche, Portugal

Arroz doce / Rice pudding, Portugal (I make a vegan version of this ~ wonderful winter comfort food & satisfies a sweet tooth!

Pudim de Castanhas

Here are going to give you all an unbelievably delicious recipe for a Portuguese dessert called Pudim de Castanhas, or Chestnut Pudding.

Sardinhas Doces de Trancoso

a basket of Sardinhas Doces de Trancoso, little sardine-shaped pastries, Portugal

Azevias de Grao, Monforte, Alentejo, Portugal;

Azevias de Grao, Monforte, Alentejo, Portugal;