aqui o painel de madeira foi valorizado com a iluminação. Traz um ambiente moderno e aconchegante.

Charming Apartment Putti in Sao Paolo: When Small Spaces Look Big

Small Apartment Integrating Charming Design Ideas by Architect Flavio Castro:

Decorando por ai: Pequenas salas de TV

Great wall divider for small spaces ~ Decorando por ai: Pequenas salas de TV

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It is often believed that the advent of TV in our lives has set a distance in our lives and relationships. But with crafty use of the TV wall unit setup can ensure that this is not the case.

Recessed lights behind the television.  Pretty + you avoid any glare. Verizon #Techoration Contest Entry

Apartamentos pequenos: 320 projetos de profissionais de CasaPRO

In master bedroom seating area but with s much nicer backdrop and eneterinment center below

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