Tijolo Habitat

brick habitats created by Chooi-leng Tan. She invented these ingenious modules to help bring nature back to the places it has been unceremoniously pushed out of: residential neighborhoods.

Agora já se pode esquecer de regar as suas plantas

Agora já se pode esquecer de regar as suas plantas

Vasos moldura

Good Creative Marketing PR is a Kazakhstan based PR company that has designed facepots. It is a collection of variously sized pots with faces on them.

Plantas e animais juntos em pequenos espaços

My Indie a JRT would be scared to sleep in this eco planter dog house but this is great for the outside plants when planting & a great place for the dog or cat to rest in.

Naturwall - Paredes Verdes /Todos os dias, milhões de copos descartáveis são deitados ao lixo. Copos de café, chá e outras bebidas que nem sempre são reciclados./

If seeing all those disposable coffee cups spilling out of your office trashcan gives you heartache, then give them a new home in the Naturwall .

Let the spinning wheel spin/ A Roda Verde é um produto desenvolvido pelo estudio DesignLibero com base num conceito criado pela NASA./

Green Hydroponic Wheel Concept by DesignLibero is truly a conceptual revolutionary rotary hydroponic program developed by NASA in order to supply continuous provide regarding fresh herbs and salad in spaceship