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Sleeping Fawns -- Is this a real photo, or real Photo-Shopped? Would this many fawns really be sleeping together?

Fun Real Estate Agent Humor Magnets from CafePress.

Mars, Lugares, Traveling

"Lake McDonald Stone" The shore of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

Today, the entire geek world lost an icon. Nimoy taught generations how to live long and prosper, now he teaches us this. The ship is out of danger Mr. Rest in Peace.

relax and succeed

Drink tea, read books - be happy! Ok it might NOT be as simple as that, but with winter around the corner, a night indoors with a hot drink and a good book sounds PERFECT, right?

What kind of tea is that I don't know I found it in my grandson's room

That's not how this works son - FunSubstance

Animal Funny Clips and Images

splash of color / the art of photography / film development / little girl "painting" flowers

Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana United