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Set up a tape art invitation with kids | tinkerlab.com

Tape Art - TinkerLab --- Creative Play for Curious Kids

Tape art with Colorful tape, clear tape, paper tape: young children will enjoy using tape in this process-based design activity that encourages fine motor skills, compositional choices, and more.

25 Active Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape

25 Active Ways to Learn Indoors with Tape | Hands On As We Grow ®

Learn indoors with super fun and creative tape activities that are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Which one will you try first?

No More Wasted Tape

No More Wasted Tape - First For Women

Table Top Washi Tape Road Way | Mama Papa Bubba

Table Top Washi Tape Roadway - Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Have I mentioned how much I love when fun, unplanned activities just come about naturally during the day? I do! In fact, I often find that they’re some of our very favourites. That’s exactly what happened today with our super simple table top roadway. As Miss G and I were sitting outside at her miniature…

Five Fun Ways to Teach with Tape by Teach Preschool

Five fun ways to teach with tape

Since I shared with you how my students enjoy the exploration of tape in our classroom, I thought I would share with you how I like to use tape in the classroom. For me, tape is a valuable resource so I keep lots of tape on hand for teaching and for promoting play...

The magic of tape by Teach Preschool

The magic of tape

Somewhere towards the middle of the school year, I put all of our colored tape on a paper roll holder for our preschool class to use for a project that I can't even remember. I hadn't intended to keep the tape on the holder but my students used the tape every day in all different

Masking tape town. Great for teaching about your neighborhood and perfect for lots of creativity and fun.

Masking Tape Town

Last week I had a stroke of 'cheap craft' fun for all, moment; that took up our entire office/everything room. Come visit Masking Tape Town...

Masking Tape Art

Masking Tape Art for Kids

When I unveiled a set of four rolls of colored masking tape the other day, you couldn't have seen a happier kid. She loves tape! My thought process went something like this :: 'If I give Maia something really fun to work with, I'll be able to get some sewing done.' I have to say it worked. She cut and taped happily for about an hour. Masking Tape Art for Kids MATERIALS Colored masking tape Poster board, cardstock, matboard, or cardboard Scissors Maia chose poster board for her masking tape…

Bee-inspired: DIY ribbon/fabric tape spool

DIY ribbon/fabric tape spool

In my previous post on DIY fabric tape I said that I would give you a quick tutorial on how to make your own spool for tape/ribbon. Just ...

Bee-inspired: Fabric tape (scraps #1)

Fabric tape (scraps #1)

A while back I showed you my fabric scrap stash and promised to start doing some projects with it. Well here is the long awaited first pr...

Kaleidoscope Art (Tape Rubbings) by Teach Preschool

Kaleidoscope art (tape rubbings)

This activity is really just called tape rubbings but since we were spending our morning exploring kaleidoscopes and because these pictures are kind of an abstract art process, I decided that this would work pretty well as a way to explore kaleidoscope art...

Painter's Tape Jump Boxes - Mama.Papa.Bubba.

While we had our painter’s tape out for our indoor roadway, we also lined our hallway with this… A little series of jump boxes. Grae adores the jump mats they have at our Strong Start program, so she’s very pleased to be able to jump her way down our hallway now too. ♥ To keep…

Busy Kids = Happy Mom: Duck tape with Kids

Duct tape projects for kids

Duct tape project your kids will enjoy!

The Chocolate Muffin Tree: Colorful Printed Tape Greeting Cards