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If your looking into getting a new house with cool throw pillows they you can diy these pillows from my pillow collection!

Almofadas com stencil fácil!

Stencil DIY Pillow Shams

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Combinando almofadas

DIY Stencil Your Own Shower Curtain

Use the Trellis Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils to create your own shower curtain! this would be perfect to take canvas dropcloths and stencil on them so I can have floor to ceiling curtains in the downstairs bath

Bow & Drape 'Mi Casa, Su Casa' Pillow

Helping guests feel right at home with this plush accent pillow embellished with a sparkling, sequined catch phrase.


Aprenda a fazer almofadas com aplicação de estêncil


Capa para almofada folk - 20x38cm

Capa para almofada folk - 20x38cm

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