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nail polish storage on the side of a bookshelf. omggg

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mixing #faucet #set

H202 mixing faucet set @

H202 mixing faucet set for nail salons

#Base for Z450 #pedicure #chair

Base for Z450 pedicure chair @

Base for Z450 pedicure chair for nail salons

I could not believe there would be such a #great #blue color for a #pedicure #chair #seat....  But yeah, here we go.This is so pretty and lovely..

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Leather square #footrest in different colors

Leather square footrest (bag of 2) @

Leather square footrest (bag of 2) for spa salon

Are you looking for a #new look for your #Pedicure #Chair? This pedicure chair #seat with #cream #color can be a great choice :)

HT135 leather set @

Our pad-set available in Black, Cappuccino, Red, Cream and a rich collection of harmonious Duo Tones Colors