Algarve, Portugal

oh shut up! Steps to the Sea, Algarve, Portugal.I've been on these is AMAZING!

A Mimosa da Lapa - Grocery store, bikes and culture - Lisbon

A Mimosa da Lapa, Lisboaa, mercearia fundada em © Ana Clara, in CaféPortugal.

Alentejo - Monsaraz - Mai/2008, Portugal by Joao Oliveira

Alentejo - Monsaraz - Portugal by Joao Oliveira

Lisboa Antiga

Women walking down the street, Lisboa Antiga, c.

duas ou três coisas: Gérard Castello Lopes

Photo by Gérard Castello Lopes

Stone House in Fafe, Portugal

Stone House in Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal.Like most century houses, the house has windows and doors but it is constructed completely of stone. It also has a significant likeness to the house of the Flintstone family from the popular cartoon of the