I don't have the heart to tell him he's not a dog.

I don't have the heart to tell him he's not a dog.

"A 'Turkish Van' (or 'swimming cat') fetching a stick in the water. They love being in water!


Sosie the Peekaboo Rescue Kitty / Photo by Troy Snow / Best Friends Animal Society


The most majestic cat photograph you’ll ever gaze upon…

Fluffy cat breeds - My Norwegian Forest cat Boots is a twin to this beauteous vision of lovliness :)


Have you been looking for hard to find Lilac French bulldogs? Then you found us at World of Frenchies. Please see pictures of our lovely lilac French bulldog pups here.


On Saturday, the Pit Bull named "Pirate Jack" showed up at the Dog Park wearing the very latest fashion in kitten eye patches. (the other dogs were way too confused by it to even laugh at him).

Cute Kitten

25 Faces Everyone Who Went To Medical School Will Remember

Arctic Foxby by nemi1968

Hungry Arctic Fox--critically endangered species in the Scandinavian areas of Norway, Sweden, and Finland - a mere 120 adult foxes remaining.


If you stare into this cats eyes long enough when you blink you can see the cat! It's an unintentional optical illusion!