paintbrush ship

Poster Idea - A cool and creative poster. I like the colors of blue they choose and well as the effect on the paint.


Love all maps. Especially maps with octopuses (octopi?) and bicycles


"An adventure? Alpaca my bags!" - 15 animal puns ewe can't live without.

Fernando Pessoa, Azulejos, Portuguese Tiles - PORTUGAL

800 YEARS OF THE PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE The 280 million Portuguese speakers around the world celebrate 800 years of their language today. The first official document in Portuguese was written on June 1214 for King Afonso II.

pastéis de nata - one of my favorites!

Pratos e Travessas: Pastéis de nata # Portuguese custard tarts (Don't worry, the recipes are also in English on the site)


Crossed the bridge ✅ Lisbon - April"'s Bridge, Portugal. European version of San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge.


Lisbon, Portugal - Vasco de Gama bridge, Christ Rei statue along the Tagus River

Portugal - the traditional graphics

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Portuguese coblestone pavement.

Lisbon - Theme: Um passo entre dois continentes / A step between two continents Rita Cabecinhas © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

Barcelos #portuguese rooster (national icon) revisited

Barcelos #portuguese rooster (national icon) revisited