Labret with Threaded Accessory

Stretching Taper

A real stretching essential: Our acrylic taper. Select colour and size and pop it in your shopping cart!

Flesh Tunnel

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Glow in the Dark Plug with Wing Motive

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Black Double Jewelled Twisted Barbell

Snakelike, with two gleaming "eyes" and a slightly alien twist: Snazzy black mm twister featuring two Jewelled balls, available in several colours.


Plug made of silicone with a trendy cannabis leaf in A funky look for boys and girls alike.

LED Plug with Cannabis Motive

The plug contains one battery and is not waterproof. Replacement batteries for all LED plugs can be found here.

Black Flesh Tunnel

Printed Flesh Tunnel with exclusive Crapwaer design, made of black acrylic.


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Black Double Flared Tube

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