Aqui Há Gato Miau

Aqui Há Gato Miau

Aqui Há Gato Miau
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A Esperança de Vida dos Gatos

Original pinner said: "My 14 year old cat was not happy when I brought home a one-eyed kitten from the shelter. After refusing to be friends with him for over a year, I came home to this the other day.

Garfi, o Gato mais zangado do Mundo

It looks like Grumpy Cat has some sourpuss competition. The Internet is going wild over a fierce-looking orange Persian male cat from Turkey named Garfi.

O Gato mais Zen do Mundo

Shironeko (“White Cat”), also known as Kagoneko (“Basket Cat”), is a Turkish Van cat who is known for his perpetually sleepy and happy expressions, his habit of curling up in small baskets, and his.