Interior colour trends for SS16: Get to know dusty pink and rose gold

This trend brings the colour and vibrancy of carnival to the home in a palette of cacti green, coral orange and flamingo pink

parisian net bag for zero waste shopping.

Since 1860 these Parisian-style net bags have been used in France to gather provisions from markets and grocery stores. We love that these remarkably practical "filets" are still relevant and still in use today. Strong, stretchy, compact and useful.

NY INSPIRASJON | Elisabeth Heijer


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LUDC Shop / Photography and Styling by Sanda Vuckovic / Minimal Styled Photography / Simple Photography

Micro-tendências para "pinar": mochilas de frutas, nebulosas e o neon pastel - Modices

Micro-tendências: Mochilas de frutas, nebulosas e o neon pastel

Spray-painted fruit showing complementary colours. The trio of colours works perfectly

East Photographic — Editorial

Super pleased with our featured in “Rich Pickings - Hemmerle’s Fruit and Vegetable Jewels” in the latest issue of Shot by and styled by

Beauty Palette: La Dolce Vita

Beauty Palette: La Dolce Vita

Get inspired by the sweet life…creamy nudes, nutty browns, dusty roses and mod grey.