"Self-Portrait With Pipe" -- 1886 -- Vincent van Gogh -- Dutch -- Oil on canvas -- Vincent van Gogh Museum -- Amsterdam, Netherlands

vincentvangogh-art: Self-Portrait with Pipe, 1886 Vincent van Gogh Buy Artwork by Vincent van Gogh I can& believe I& never seen this before! It& beautiful.

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper Nighthawks, Oil on canvas, 33 x 60 in. x cm), The Art Institute of Chicago; Friends of American Art Collection © Heirs of Josephine N. Hopper, licensed by the Whitney Museum of American Art. Photography © The Art Institute of Chicago.

Girl With A Pearl Earring by Vermeer

The painting Girl with a Pearl Earring (Dutch: Het Meisje met de Parel). circa oil on canvas, is one of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's masterworks and uses a pearl earring for a focal point. The painting is kept in the Mauritshuis gallery in The Hague.

Daughters of Edward Darley Boit by John Singer Sargent

The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit, John Singer Sargent, 1882 (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA)

Mother and Child by Klimt

A beautiful Gustav Klimt art poster! This mother and child are from the larger Art Nouveau painting The Three Ages of Woman.

Van Gogh's Chair

Vincent van Gogh Painting, Oil on Canvas Arles: December, 1888 National Gallery London, United Kingdom, Europe F: JH: 1635 Image Only - Van Gogh: Vincent's Chair with His Pipe Van Gogh Gallery

Dido building Carthage by Joseph Mallord William Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner - Dido building Carthage, or The Rise of the Carthaginian Empire, 1815 - Fine Art Reproduction, individual art card

Georges Seurat - Models

Georges Seurat French / The Models (Poseuses), oil on canvas / Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia, PA, USA

The Scream by Edvard Munch

The Scream - Edvard Munch ".and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature." Der Schrei der Natur (The Scream of Nature)


Composition VI - Wassily Kandinsky 1913 - Kandinsky spent nearly six months preparing to create this painting, at first intending the work to evoke a flood, baptism, destruction and rebirth all at the same time.