Portuguese cobblestone pavement - Rua Augusta, Lisbon, Portugal

Beautiful Portuguese cobblestone pavement (Calçada Portuguesa) - Rua Augusta, Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal, Can you just imagine this as part of a long winding driveway?

Lisbon, Portugal

Streetcar in Lisbon, Portugal. Lisbon was an amazing and beautiful city. We kept eating at the same amazing place with the best roasted chicken you've ever had.


This vintage Portugal travel poster features a boy in a boat with a sun for a head. Illustrated by Gustavo Fontoura. Vintage Portugal travel, New in Vintage Travel Posters. (via Vintage Portugal Travel Poster – Vintagraph)

Travel Poster

No rain in Portugal but tourists pour in by Boston Public Library, vintage travel posters (Bertrand (Irmãos) Lda,

Avenida Liberdade (Calçada Portuguesa)

Our hotel was right off this street - Avenida Liberdade / Liberty Avenue (hand made stone pavement, Calçada Portuguesa), Lisbon - Portugal