Клуб Идеи для личного дневника

Клуб Идеи для личного дневника << dunno what this means but that whale is cute

Copenhague basado Illustrator HuskMitNavn Usos trucos inteligentes en 3D animados para traer a su a la vida

Copenhagen based Illustrator HuskMitNavn Uses Clever 3D Tricks To Bring His Cartoons To Life

Animal / Children by Michael McConnell. Instead Photograph people and put animal heads on them

Smokey Nudes Inspiration---Bobbi Brown Cosmetics #SmokeyNudes

Be Bold Or Italic But Never Regular // Graphic Design Pun, inspirational quotes and home decor

Splendid Fairy Wren | Painting by PRINTSPIRING | Paintbrush, palette, bird painting flatlay | Art work in progress | www.instagram.com/printspiring

I love seeing the starting materials, just a bunch of pretty colours, that come together to form a fantastic piece of artwork at the end!

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I like the muted colors of the girl, but I'd like the bag to be more vibrant and representative of Latin American culture.

Miho Hirano

Fantasy Art by Japanese Artist Miho HiranoMiho Hirano is a Japanese artist living in Abiko, Chiba. She is a graduate of Musashino Art University. The fantasy world Miho paints is inhabited by ephemeral women who seem to be merging with their.