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I live in fear. I live in fear of more abuse, i live in fear of my foster parents coming back and finding me. I live in fear everyday because of what happend to me as a kid.

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To run a business, you've got to live a creative life. Don't make your creativity a hobby - make it part of your everyday life!

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Positive Marriage Quotes

"The highest love a person can have for you is to wish you to evolve into the best person you can be.

Everyday Pancakes Recipe - NYT Cooking

Everyday Pancakes

NYT Cooking: The basic pancake is made from a simple batter of eggs, flour, milk and baking powder for leavening. You can use different types of flour if you want to experiment with whole wheat or buckwheat.

Find Your Word for 2015 |

Find Your Word for 2015 |


21 Tips To Follow Your Dreams

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