Red and Black Branding

Forty Years

Errbody knows Chili's - been around 40 years now. Potential coasters in celebration of their anniversary.

LikeStudio by Karpov

Logo Inspiration

Great use of alignment between the imgae and the text. Clever design using a treble clef to look like a thumbs up or vise versa.

Korshags designed by Kurppa Hosk

PseudoPseudo | Jiri Adamek


P symbol "PP" letter monogram black and white minimal logo design for modern cool brand Good for graphic design inspiration ideas for branding

A Typist

A Typist

Good use of negative space. could be a good logomark for the right organisation I guess, but probably not.

Globe + mechanical wheel + orbit by TIE A TIE

Globe + mechanical wheel + orbit

After a long silent break we come with some new portfolio additions. Heres an unused design work showing triple meaning icon : Globe + Mechanical wheel + Orbit Check out our portfolio:.