Sara Dávila Evangelista

Sara Dávila Evangelista

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Sara Dávila Evangelista
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1) Simple/modern

1) Simple/modern

2) Hand-crafted

Galo Restaurant branding Galo Kitchen is an restaurant specializing in French-American inspired comfort cuisine. Its prime focus is breakfast, but it also offers lunch and dinner menus and a cozy.

3) Sophisticated, classic

The Sid Wainer & Son brand has been around for a long time in New England, and their expansion into South Dartmouth in 2002 is really an incredible benefit to New England.

CopperMuse Honey Dill Vodka

CopperMuse Distillery is producing limited release infused vodkas. The first batch includes cucumber, jalapeño, horseradish, and honey dill. Due to the botanical nature of infusions, we went for an.

Robin Davey | Agent Pekka

robinwdavey: “Six spots and four category icons for Convene magazine, on a variety of innovations and trends in the meetings industry. I didn’t know there was a meetings industry, let alone a magazine.