Old building, Lisbon, Portugal - Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal with a population of within its administrative limits on a land area of square kilometres sq mi). - via Alex Shar


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Palacio Queluz Robillion, Portugal

Palácio de Queluz Queluz palace, an century-royal residence which is one of the main rococo buildings in Portugal.

Barber shop Celeste, Lisboa-Portugal!

there are generally only two times I see a man with his throat open and exposed. In ecstasy (my fav) or at the barber shop. It’s an incredibly erotic experience to watch a man having his hair cut, being shaved, and groomed. It’s rare to see a man so.


You awaken my dreams, dear Lisboa. you let me once more caress your paths of peace. sweet sigh of the river as my lullaby.