Dribbble - Austria Badge by Jonas

Austria Badge

A small thing i made for a friends website about austrian tourism.

Dribbble - Ownage Logo by Breno Bitencourt

Ownage Logo

Continued from our previous post - Animated logo design process showcase, we have another 25 logo design process from the same designer Breno Bitecourt, a

Dribbble - Winding Road; Fossil by Jonathan Schubert

Winding Road; Fossil

Love this idea with the new MFT Lead the Way arrows - maps are so fun!

Dribbble - Threadless Road Trip Challenge by Tim Cook

Threadless Road Trip Challenge

The other day, I came across the Road Trip Challenge as it was closing, and decided to throw something in time to enter one) If you& in to it, please go vote for it! It would mea.

Dribbble - Casa Dei Curiosi Logo by Breno Bitencourt

Casa Dei Curiosi Logo

Logo development process detailed for a Italian Acting course Identity. Breno Bitencourt explanation about all facets of the project.

Dribbble - Road Trip America by Dallas Barnes

Road Trip America

Alliteration Inspiration: Veggies & Vacation / on Design Work Life

Dribbble - Make it Great by Zach Roszczewski

Dribbble - Make it Great by Zach Roszczewski

Alice no País do Cordel on Behance

Alice no País do Cordel by Mayra Magalhães, via Behance