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Juvenile tarpon.

What To Do If The Fish Aren't Biting (Before Changing Your Lure)

What do you do when the fish aren't biting? Switch lures? Move spots? Try this next time to catch more fish (and save your precious time on the water).

Wade Fishing 101: How To Maximize Your Time & Strikes While Wading

Wade Fishing 101: How To Maximize Your Time & Strikes While Wading

Want to hear tips from a hard-core wade fisherman who has spent almost 40 years wading the flats? Then check out all of these great tips and shortcuts from "Wader Dave."

How to cut up baitfish for cut bait

Cut Bait Fishing Tips (For Redfish, Black Drum, Snook & More)

Are you making these cut bait mistakes? See the best way to cut up bait, how to rig cut bait, how to catch fewer catfish, and more here.

Underwater sheepshead

Live Shrimp vs. Frozen Shrimp vs. Fiddler Crab (Bait Durability Test)

Have you ever wondered what happens to your bait when you drop it down? Check out this video where you'll see how three different baits fare under water.

Dilan Ekmark fishing

From Skunked Newbie To Inshore Slams In 6 Months!!!

Want to learn how to catch inshore slams in new spots fast? Check out this angler's system for finding spots and catching fish. This system took him from...

Big redfish!

Why 20% Of Fishermen Catch 80% Of The Redfish...

The best inshore saltwater anglers are hiding something from you. They have a distinct advantage - it's not what you think... find out how they do it here.

Nice tournament snook!

Lures vs. Live Bait: Inshore Slam Tournament Results

Do you fish tournaments? Or just want to get better at catching inshore slams? Check out this video to see our gameplan for inshore slams in tough weather.

Nice redfish on the Slam Shady!

The Slam Shady Story (Celebrating National Paddletail Day)

We celerated National Paddletail Day by giving away thousands of packs of Slam Shady. Check this out to get yours, plus learn how to rig and retrieve them.

Luke with a big old redfish!

The Ultimate Inshore Slam Cheat Sheet (FREE PDF DOWNLOAD)

Are you an inshore saltwater angler? Want a simple cheat sheet that tells you exactly where to catch inshore slams in every scenario? Then download this!

Fiddler crab

How To Catch Fiddler Crabs For Bait (Quick & Easy Way)

Want to learn how to catch fiddler crabs? These make great baits for sheepshead, redfish, and black drum, but they can be tough to find in the winter.

Capt. Jud Brock with a nice trout!

The Redfish & Trout Myth That's Causing Anglers To Miss Out On Fish...

Many people think that redfish and trout get lockjaw in the winter, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, wintertime can be one of the...

Nice Spanish mackerel!

The Easy Way To Catch Spanish Mackerel (Best Lures, Spots, & Rigging)

Want to know how to catch Spanish mackerel the easy way? Learn how to attract them to you and how to get them to bite fast in this video.

How to tie a dropper rig

How To Tie A Dropper Rig (The Quick & Easy Way)

Have you tried the dropper rig yet? This rig is awesome for fishing live bait near structure like bridges and docks for sheepshead, snapper and black drum.

Texas Rigged Shrimp, Grouper Tips, Boating Tips & More (Salt Strong Newsletter)

Texas Rigged Shrimp, Grouper Tips, Boating Tips & More (Salt Strong Newsletter)

In this week's newsletter we've got tips on how to Texas Rig shrimp, grouper tips, boating tips, and lots more! This might be our best newsletter ever!

Want to know when the best time to use cut bait is? Check this out.

The BEST Time To Use Cut Bait (For Trophy Redfish, Trout & Snook)

Want to know when the best times to use cut bait are? Learn my 2 favorites times in this video, plus see my favorite baits for cut bait and how to avoid...

How To Texas Rig A Live Shrimp (Weedless Shrimp)

How To Texas Rig A Live Shrimp (Weedless Shrimp)

Want to learn how to rig shrimp weedless? Check out this video and see how to Texas Rig them to catch more fish and get snagged less.