Soap Trio

Clay soaps are amazing. They work wonderfully as facial soaps, body, and/or shaving bars due to their silky, smooth, luxurious texture. They also contain essential minerals which nourish and revitaliz

Hand Balm, 50ml - Vetiver - Bath & Body - ARKET IT

The rich hand balm is made in Sweden with ingredients inspired by the Nordic flora. It is formulated with a combination of s


This scent embodies Summer. Think fragrant lime margaritas and citrollella in the air. Sun kissed skin and a cooling afternoon breeze.

Tangent GC Soap

Packaging for Tangent GC by Carl Nas Associates — BP&O

Haunch of Venison — Spin

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Brand identity and packaging for Onomie. Onomie was created to simplify and maximize the benefits of individual beauty products, for women who recognize that beauty should not be complicated.