cat's cradle -....remember doing this :)

Cats in the Cradle.Jacobs ladder, Sea Saw string games We did this with elastic too,only put it around two chairs spread apart. We used our feet, it was called Chinese jump rope!

Cloth Diapers with Huge Diaper Pins and Plastic Pants. All my brothers and I raised with cloth diapers. However, Grandma who lived with us did not approve of the plastic pants, because she said they were too miserable for the child. ... But this is what I had for my babies, PLUS the plastic pants !  No Grandma around to boss me !

cloth diapers, first swished in the toilet ,then sometimes handwashed or if you were lucky washed in a machine or by a diaper service, then dried on a clothesline! and yes those are huge safety pins and then you would but on rubber pants!

Cash registers before they were computerized

Vintage National Cash Register - you had to make your own change without assistance.

Vintage ornaments

I have a few like this from 30 years ago. :) Hannah Milman combines her love of wreaths and her passion for vintage Christmas ornaments in one simple, stunning holiday project.

Back when kids still played outside instead of video games and smart phones

I used to play hopscotch every day in elementary school. A chain bracelet was my favorite marker.

Vintage 1950's Christmas tree ornaments.

I have some of these, sans box. I put them in a glass jar with lights at Christmas, so they don't get broke, hanging on the tree. least loved part of the farm buildings...:)

More Reunion Recollections

This could work for a "field", outhouse, barn, workshop toilet - if it is legally allowed.

Fireflies.... :)

loved catching lightening bugs & putting them in a mayo jar and get into a dark closet.


painful memories of getting my face smacked by this thing hurtling towards me when I wasn't paying attention! Ended up with a fat lip!