This is what i sound like trying to speak Spanish

Funny pictures about Perfect Translation. Oh, and cool pics about Perfect Translation. Also, Perfect Translation photos.

These 19 Companies Failed So Hard At Naming Their Food

These 19 Companies Failed So Hard At Naming Their Food, lost in translation !

Marketing Fails lol To be fair "embarazada" (or pregnant) in Spanish sounds a lot like "embarrassed."

Funny pictures about Marketing Fails. Oh, and cool pics about Marketing Fails. Also, Marketing Fails.

hahahaha....i would totally do that :)....actually, I do!

rule in arguments: If you're losing, start correcting their grammar. rule in arguments if they have correct grammar, correct their spelling.

Lost in Translation

Ohhh how i love lost in translation Engrish humor! Meanwhile in China, you are my love my angle don't treat me like a potato

Typos, Translations and Other Global Gaffes in Marketing | The Big Tent - Advertising Age

What Global Gaffes Can Teach You About Multicultural Advertising

A Series of Unfortunate Spelling Errors: This one from "The World's Worst Typos…


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We think this sign is pretty dumb... #BadTranslation #TranslationFail

I need to carry this sign around with me. I want to line in a completely dumb-free area.