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How to use a semicolon, the most feared punctuation on earth. ~ The Oatmeal The Oatmeal does many awesome comics that range in topic. He also happens to love grammar, and I look forward to the day he publishes a text book.


I try to keep an open mind about everything except grammar, spelling, and punctuation. My curse for being a teacher my ultimate pet peeve!

Punctuation infographic

What Are the Fourteen Punctuation Marks in English Grammar?

Knowing where and when to use the fourteen punctuation marks can greatly improve your writing skills. There are fourteen punctuation marks commonly used in Amer

- He's in a comma. - It's an apostrophe...

Brace Yourself Your Son is in a Comma: Mother: I received a call about my son! Police Man Brace yourself, ma'am. He's in a comma.

My Favorite Grammar Memes


Word cast spells, That is why it's called SPELLING. Words are energy; Use them wisely.

Punctuation can save lives :)

The Best Funny Pictures GIF and MEMES about Punctuation saves lives. Best MEME and GIFS about Punctuation saves lives and Funny Pictures

40 Spelling and Grammar Mistakes That Will Make Your English Teacher CRINGE…

40 Spelling and Grammar Mistakes That Will Make Your English Teacher CRINGE!

Okay, I'm not claiming to be grammar girl, but you have to admit, this is where having a comma in the right place makes a big difference.