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Ricardo Moreira
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3ders.org - XSENSE unveils 3D printed prosthetic at DMS Tokyo, starts collaboration with paralympians | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

The Japanese artist collective XSENSE is taking things to the next level with a new, functional prosthetic and a collaboration with Paralympic athletes in need of prostheses.

Prosthetic arm

Prosthetic arm - interesting joint idea for dolls.

knee prosthetic

Prosthetic knee joint external prosthesis / pediatric / single-axis / checking of the stance phase GeriMac Fillauer

Oriental leg photographed by Annie Walters - an artificial leg with secret drawers

The Alternative Limb Project - Oriental leg photographed by Annie Walters. An artificial leg with secret drawers.

Artificial skin that can feel touch, warmth, rain. A next step in humanising wearables and prostesis

Stretchy Prosthetic Skin Feels Pressure, Temperature txchnologist: “ by Txchnologist staff Researchers in South Korea and the U. have developed what they call a “smart” prosthetic skin embedded with.

prosthetic limb

Scott Summit an industrial designer formed Bespoke Innovations with Kenneth Trauner, an orthopedic surgeon in order to affect positive change in the medical prosthetic industry using printing & scanning.

How prosthetics went from peg legs to biolimbs - YouTube

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital have successfully grown a rat leg in a petri dish, and it could change prosthetics forever. Eventually, this techno.

Once you’ve got your suit figured out, you can pick the best shoes to go with it. | 25 Life-Changing Style Charts Every Guy Needs Right Now

Suit and Shoe Combination Men, this infographic will assist you when you are in doubt what colour of shoes to wear with a certain colour of suit.