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modern gray living room design with charcoal gray sectional sofa and Jonathan Adler black Greek key rug, Nicole might like this! Just the sectional sofa!

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40+ Beautiful Modern Dining Room Ideas

Stacked Horizontal Mirrors help a room seem larger. Consider placing horizontal mirrors, single layer around a wall or two at the top.

Area de churrasqueira pequena

Has your home an outdoor area in the form of a garden, balcony, porch or patio that is skinny and long? If yes then you can maximize that narrow space with

Apartamento para um jovem casal em tons de cinza : Salas de estar modernas por Helô Marques Associados

Apartamento para um jovem casal em tons de cinza por Helô Marques Associados

I think this shows unity because all the colors contrast together and makes the room connect.


Decoração para quintal pequeno com piscina

Who says you can't have pool in a tiny yard. Also with an outdoor kitchen?


Decoração de quintal simples e pequeno fotos


Confira mais alguns ambientes da Casa Cor SP 2014


Quintal de sobrado tem jeito e clima de bar

Under the terrace is understood as an open or partially closed structure. The terrace can have a roof that covers only a part of the area or does not have a