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Belly of a Desert Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus magister)

Lizard scales have a scalloped effect which give their bodies three dimensional textured surfaces.


Chameleons don't just change color for camouflage—they also use different colors and patterns to signal their moods and intentions to other chameleons. Get up close with one in this great shot by Sera.


Blue-tongued lizards, or skinks, have vivid cobalt-colored tongues. Native only to Australia, they& docile creatures that are often kept as pets. They& also the world& largest urban-dwelling wild lizards, and can grow as long as two feet!


Mexican West Coast Rattlesnake (Crotolus basiliscus) by Kai Rösler. A venomous pit viper species found in western Mexico. The specific name is derived from the Greek word for king, basiliskos, and alludes to this snake's large size and potent venom.