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Raquel Moreira

Raquel Moreira
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I'm so at peace in my life right now. I feel happy and balanced. I'm a mom and wife-to-be and a nurse. I love all of it. Even with more responsibilities then before, I've never felt so complete and relaxed. Owe it all to my support system. My fiance who I cherish and adore, my family for lending helping hands with Cooper, and the Lord for giving me these blessings. Life's good.

Love the sunshine and what better way to be happy then to keep it in your soul! The joy of the Lord is my strength! And He inhabits the praises of His people! Therefore I have sunshine and joy in my soul, today! :D

Labrador Retriever Black, I Love My

I loved my Labrador Retriever and I still do, even if she's not with me anymore

yaaass i love my labrador

I& told many people it tells a lot about their character if they don& like a lab :-) Mine is my best friend, 9 years and counting!